We charged in London and Lexington.  We probably could have skipped one of those, but we’re still reluctant to run the car’s batteries down too low.  In Lexington, the charger is at a Meijer store.  These are like Wal-Marts but without the baggage — huge stores that sell everything (except Equal Exchange chocolate).  There were three other Teslas at the charger.  (Ours is usually the only car.)  While we waited for the car to charge, we shared a strawberry shake at a Steak ’n Shake that was mobbed by suburban families on a Saturday afternoon.  It showed us a slice of life we usually don’t experience.

Col Sanders.JPG

Lexington is horse country.  There is the Kentucky Horse Park.  There is the International Museum of the Horse.  And there are lots of horse farms.  If you are a horse person, Lexington is your place.

Horse country.jpg

We’re not horse people, but we did get off the highway to look for horse farms.  Unfortunately, the horses weren’t cooperating.  They were either too far from the road or standing between us and the afternoon sun.  But it is a beautiful area.

We stayed overnight in Frankfort, the state capitol.  We had pizza in a funky little place in the old part of town.  Frankfort is an interesting town, a fairly small town for a capitol and with old and new all mixed together.  We spent a little time looking around, but our beds called us back to the motel.


And off again the next morning, having a late breakfast at a nice coffee shop outside Louisville while the car charged with several of its sisters.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

One thought on “Kentucky

  1. You two are having way too much fun!! I’m really enjoying your travels having been to many of these places over the years, myself!!! Enjoy, enjoy!!!


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