Northwest Wisconsin

We had a short day today, so we didn’t leave until after 9.  There was no rain or snow in the forecast, so we got the car washed at the closest place.  It turned out to be a place that details cars, so even the cheapest wash included a lot of attention, like washing the inside of all the windows.  It was cleaner than when we left home except they didn’t vacuum up all the gravel we’d tracked in.


I’d read a few weeks ago that Ford is going to stop making cars because there is so little market for them.  That surprised me, but in the Minneapolis area I am beginning to understand.  Most ‘cars’ here are SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and pickups.  Traditional sedans are few and far between.


After getting the car washed, we headed east into Wisconsin, stopping in Eau Claire to charge the car.  Then it was north through the woods to Duluth.  It was cold today, but the clouds gradually cleared.  After the days of getting to the next place, and the next one after that, it was nice to have a relaxing day of travel.


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