The Only Constant Is Change

“The only constant is change.”  (attributed to Heraclitus of Ephesus, c. 500 BCE.)

We wanted to get away for a while, so we thought we’d take a road trip to visit our east-coast friends who winter in Florida.  It’d be a nice trip, and we love spending time with them.  But they aren’t in Florida this winter.

Then we thought we might as well go to Florida anyway.  We could spend a few days in St Augustine — a city I would like to get to know better.  A 7,000 mile road trip might be fun, but without the visit with our friends, the trip seemed to have lost its purpose.

Then there was the snow in southern Oregon and the rainstorms and potential flooding in northern California.  We decided it would just be too difficult.

So now we are spending a few days on the coast, at Cannon Beach.

It was an easy ride out to the coast.  There was snow above 1,000 feet but the roads were clear until we got on the downhill run, where we encountered sections of icy road.  I counted three cars that had slid off.

Cannon Beach PeopleBut we made it.  There are a lot of people here, perhaps because of the Presidents Day weekend.  It’s beautiful today — sunny and cold.  The forecast calls for rain the next three days, with highs in the forties.  We may just stay inside, reading and napping.  It’s different from  our usual long road trips.  We are looking forward to restorative quiet.

One thought on “The Only Constant Is Change

  1. I do have to comment!!! Well somebody has to do it!!! Cannon Beach was one of my favorites years ago along with Newport farther south, and north to Seaside, Gearhart Warrenton and Astoria! I worked for the ‘Phone Company’ back then and was in their Marketing Dept. My accounts were Hotels, Motels, Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals in all the funny little towns that had Pacific Tel and Tel in Northern Oregon…including Albany and Corvallis! I actually worked out of the Salem office and was on the road a lot. The reasoning behind what I considered a varied group was that ‘they are all service types for the general public’! This was way before the 1984 divestiture that split the telephone world and it’s billing practices when I was actually working in Seattle for what became US West which also no longer exists! Century Link pays my pension today!! I learned all sorts of things back then including if there was a Code Blue in a Hospital you stopped moving and hugged the wall because there would be a ‘crash cart’ coming and you didn’t want to be in the way!!! I had a crazy customer in Gearhart who did not like one of his motel competitors because the ‘woman had a really stupid name and must be a prostitute’!!! This old guy was a piece of work and the lady whose name was Zoe was lovely and very polished and businesslike and I think that is what ticked him off and her property was doing better than his was!! I will have to remember to tell Zoe Taylor about this! LOL

    Well now you have some real nonsense to read while you relax. I won’t tell you about the exciting road trips in snow and ice and with Bicycle groups that always loomed just around the bend in the road!!! Enjoy!!!!


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