Homeward Bound

I woke up in Kalispell thinking of home.  We still had two days travel, but I was done with the trip.  That point seems to come on every trip, when your mind shifts from the trip to home.  (It happened to us once in upstate New York despite having two more weeks of driving.)  Montana is a beautiful part of the world.  We’ll be back if we can.  But for now we’ll go home.

10 Montana

We had rain the first day on the road and sunny weather since.  Yesterday threatened rain but we didn’t get any.  Today, crossing into Idaho we got sprinkles.  Then, going down the hill into Coeur d’Alene we hit steady rain.

As we travelled on ever more familiar roads, our talk and our thoughts were on home — the people, the projects, the commitments.

We had planned to stay in Spokane and have a long day tomorrow, but with the change to Pacific Time, we were in Spokane just after 1.  We decided to press on.  We’re in Richland tonight.  Barring unseen events, we’ll be home tomorrow.  This is my last entry for this trip.  It was shorter than many of our road trips, but it has been wonderful.

Safe travels to you, no matter what your journey.

– Kate

3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I had a great pleasure to follow both of you along your trip, I enjoyed your pics and to know a few your wonderful countries! I thank you and wish you a good health for many other wandering shared with us!
    Friendly and grateful…LN


  2. Safe travels and Welcome Home!!! I have really enjoyed the trip!! When the time comes to head home it is best to do so! Always happened when I was in Hawaii and it didn’t matter if it was for 7 days or 21…Island fever happened and it was time to leave!!!


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