More Desert

Well, there are a lot of different kinds of desert.  Some are full of sagebrush, some have more desert-like flora such as ocotillo or saguaro or Joshua trees, and some have very little vegetation at all.  We’ve gone through a few of the varieties.


Our first stop was in Railroad Pass just south of Henderson NV, to charge the car for the run to Kingman AZ.  While there, we discovered the Kingman charger was temporarily out of service (whatever that means), so we stayed and charged more than we had planned so we could make it to the stop after Kingman.  It was a beautiful, clear day but very windy up in the pass.

Hoover Dam

Then it was down to Hoover Dam.  I don’t know that I’d ever been there before.  I’d been to Grand Coulee Dam and Glen Canyon Dam any number of times — both of which are pretty impressive.  But Hoover is a remarkable achievement.  We didn’t get to see the face of the dam, but here are some pictures of the upstream view.  I liked to see the Indian family recording the visit of the matriarch (presumably) to the dam


Then it was follow the traffic south to Kingman.  North and west of Kingman is an unsightly sprawl of trailers and shabby houses.  We could see on the GPS that the desert had been platted out, but much of it had no roads and only an occasional abandoned shack.  I could imagine the ads in the midwest and east: “Own land in Arizona.  Retire to Paradise.”  But what roads there were are dirt, and I’m not sure how many had electrical service. 


We stopped for lunch in Kingman.  By the time we’d eaten, the supercharger was back in service.  While at lunch we calculated how long it would take to get to our destination — Blythe, CA — and decided to skip Wickenburg and go directly to Quartzsite, saving almost 100 miles of driving.

Most of the traffic headed off to Flagstaff and — via Wickenburg — Phoenix.  We headed south to Lake Havasu City.


When we travel and come upon a town away from everything else, we often wonder: What do people do here?  How do they make a living?  Why are they here?  But then there are places like Lake Havasu City, where I wonder: How could anyone live here?  Why would they want to?  But over 45,000 people do live there, in the dusty heat on the edge of the Colorado.

No Name Rd

We charged again in Quartzsite and turned west, beginning our return trip.  We crossed into California and checked into our motel in Blythe at 5 pm, glad we hadn’t gone by way of Wickenburg.

One thought on “More Desert

  1. Wickenburg is one of our favorite places in AZ! A nice spot in between Yuma and Prescott. There used to be a great mexican eatery north of town as I recall, with the most beautiful display of Native American crafts- lots of turquoise. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there. Might be a nice road trip for us this winter.


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