We’ve been staying home except for walks through the neighborhood and a weekly trip to the grocery store where we wait in the car and they bring our order out to us.   Yesterday it started to look like things were opening up.  Some states are relaxing the restrictions despite their increasing number of covid cases.  Here in Oregon, things are still as they were.  But I got a reminder from the hospital to come in for a mammogram.  I got an email from a dress shop for a virtual consultation.  A friend talked about getting a massage.  We’re due for our annual wellness checkup, and the doctor’s office sent something about how to do that. 

What?!  We’re not ready!  It seems like we’re just getting used to this.  But as Walter P Chrysler said: “God save us from what we can get used to.”

The thing about traveling is that you have limited responsibility.  There are no appointments.  There is no incoming mail.  (Email has changed that, but I’ve always found it easier to ignore email when I’m traveling.)  And this has been a little like taking a trip — a trip without a change in scenery.

Dusty Car in Arizona

We’ve been meeting people on Zoom, but mostly our lives are pretty quiet.  How much of the busyness of ‘normal’ life are we ready to resume?  I still haven’t gotten around to sorting my sock drawer.

It’s been more than 12 weeks since my last haircut.  My hair’s getting pretty long, but it doesn’t look that bad yet.  (Thanks Jenica, for a good cut.)  I can go for a while yet before I get out the babushka.  And it’s not like I’m going anywhere.

Stay home if you can.  Wear a mask when you do go out.  Wash your hands.  Be well.

Wash Your Hands

– Kate

2 thoughts on “Secluded

  1. Kate you are doing very well! I still have not gotten out my yarn and knitting needles to make those slippers!! Probably never will!!


  2. You can sure tell which sink is being used. ‘Course, judging by the Boraxo dispenser on the wall above the sink, maybe this is the truck drivers’ and mechanics’ sink. Love your blog entries! Both the writing and the photos. Hang in there.


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