Andrea and I filled out our ballots yesterday and put them in the dropbox in front of the city hall.  The mail seems OK here, but with all the monkeying with it by the new Postmaster General, we felt safer putting them in the dropbox.  We’re fortunate that Oregon has a long history of vote-by-mail and, more recently, motor-voter registration and postage-free returns.

I was talking with the young man at the drive-through coffee window near here.  He said he voted for the first time because this election feels so important.  I asked if he’d told the others working there to vote; he replied: I’ve told everyone to vote!  He shook his head at the long lines at polling stations and asked if I would stand in line for five hours to vote.  I told him that perhaps I wouldn’t usually, but for this election I would.  He agreed.

Meanwhile, in Covid news the US continues its easy lead in the numbers, with more cases and more deaths than any other country.  The only country even close is India, with more than four times the population, many living in closer conditions than is common here.  It’s heartening that we continue to be able to claim world leadership in yet another area.

Yesterday I rode the light-rail into town for the first time in seven months.  There were very few passengers — nine of us at the most in the large car — and everyone was wearing a mask.  I don’t expect to ride the train often, and I won’t do it during rush-hour, but it’s nice to know that option is available.

I had a slight head cold last week.  Of course my first thought was Do I have Covid?  But it remained in my sinuses and cleared up after a couple of days.  How I could catch a cold, I don’t know.  It’s possible that it had something to do with being outside during this change of season.  It’s definitely full autumn here, with leaves turning colors, colder days and nights, and cloudy or even rainy days.  Somehow it’s easier to stay inside when it’s dark and chilly out.  I continue to be thankful for the library and the people who work there.

Stay well.  And VOTE!

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