A Weekend

It has been an amazing weekend – amazing, exciting, and exhausting.  We don’t fly often, but we flew to Philadelphia for the qFLIX film festival and the world premiere of our movie, “Strictly for the Birds.”  We’ve met lots of people and seen a number of really good films, including our own.  We’ve had any number of people tell us how wonderful it is.  Last night was the awards ceremony, where we won the Audience Award for Best Feature.  It’s a good thing I didn’t bring a hat – it would be too small now.  We’ve had a short night and fly home in a few hours.  I’ll write more later in the week about this excellent adventure.

6 thoughts on “A Weekend

  1. Kate, congratulations! Well done. Look forward to hearing more.

    Do you know where we might be able to see the film?

    Cyndy and Don Redifer

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  2. Such wonderful news on so many fronts. Happy you are safe and soon to be home. I’m finding your book a heartwarming, incredible read. You have given the world a gift of understanding. And of course, Congratulations on your award! To you and to your “crew”. Much love to you both.


  3. Outstanding!! Can’t wait to see it! A good title for your next film could be, “Kate and Andrea’s Excellent Adventure.” You two rock! Looking forward to talking to you about it.


  4. Kate, Congratulations! I am so happy for you both. I can’t wait for the film to come to a Portland, Eugene or Ashland area film festival! What a wonderful reward for years of both creative work and pure persistance.


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