Coming to Durango

Driving north from Gallup, New Mexico, I had a different feeling about Time.  The land is so ancient and changes slowly, that it seems one person’s life is just a blink as the land endures.  I can understand, perhaps, how a people who had lived there for millennia would develop a philosophy of the eternal land and fleeting human lives connected to their ancestors through many generations.

Driving through this land, I always begin to wonder about the geology – how did it come about?  What forces created these rock formations?  What was here before to create what is here now?  Of course, by the time I get home, I get involved the day-to-day again, narrowing my perspective.

We stopped for refreshment in the tiny town of Aneth, Utah.  The woman at the counter was very interested when we told her about our movie.  People have such different reactions, and it surprises me sometimes who shows interest and who doesn’t.

We stayed overnight in Moab, Utah.  We talked about going to some of the nearby parks, but we wanted to get to Durango early enough to settle in before the evening events.  We did stop at the Valley of the Ancients visitor center, though, and learned a little about the history of the area.

And so we are now in Durango.  Wednesday evening was reception open to everyone with passes to the festival.  We met a number of the people involved with the festival and talked with others.  It was exciting and exhausting.  Today we did laundry,  walked around town, and napped, before throwing ourselves into the festival again this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Coming to Durango

  1. Pics and narrative wonderful. Really enjoying this issue of “KATE AND ANDREA”!!! Happy trails!
    Joe and Mary


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