We’re Off Again

We’re off on another road trip to see family and friends, and perhaps to ride down some new roads.  This is the trip we’ve been planning for two years, but Covid and other things got in the way.  I was wondering if we were actually going to go, but this morning we did.

We left at 9:30 in the morning and it was already 88º.  It has been sunny all day, but a little hazy.  We’re in eastern Oregon this afternoon and it is 88º here, too.  We have extra room in our suitcases – mostly because we have t-shirts instead of turtlenecks.  And we have more room in the trunk with no winter coats.  This may be a hot trip.

We stopped to charge the car at a new charger in Boardman, a small town on the Columbia east of the Gorge.  Boardman shows signs of wanting to be a bigger town.  The chargers are at the SAGE Center – a shiny museum and visitor center that is unfortunately closed on Sundays.  The closest place to eat is a reportedly really good Mexican restaurant that is a good little walk away.  But it, too, is closed on Sundays.  We ended up at Burnt Field Brewing.  It had very good food.    We didn’t try their beer – we still had another hundred miles to drive.

The roads are crowded.  Perhaps we’ll discover tomorrow if that was because it was Sunday or because it is summer – a summer after two years of being locked in our houses (or so it has seemed).

It always takes me a few miles to get my traveling shoes on.  Perhaps tomorrow, after we cross into Idaho, it will feel like we’re really on the road.  I look forward to seeing friends and family, but after having to cancel this trip several times, I’ll just take one day at a time and be grateful for what we can do.

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