Road Trip

We leave soon on another road trip.  We love road trips — seeing the sights, meeting the people, traveling together.  There’s a freedom to just packing up and going down the road.  I feel fortunate to be able to do it and to have a traveling companion who is so easy to be with.

This trip will be a little different.  We bought a Tesla last October and have been getting used to it.  As most of you know, the Tesla is an all-electric car.  We won’t be stopping for gas but will have to stop to charge it.  So far, we haven’t taken it farther than Olympia — a round trip of about 250 miles.  If everything goes well, this trip will be much farther.


7 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Dear Kate and Andrea,
    it is so good to hear from you! This is really good news. So both of you are in the best of shape and are hungry for adventure – great! I also think that traveling is the best thing in life, especially with a mate like Andrea.

    We wish you the trip of your lifetime.
    Best regards from your German riding pal Lutz


    1. We can ask our cellphones or can search on their website. But the mapping program on the car also picks them out. For instance, each morning we put in that evening’s motel. The car’s mapping program plans the route, gives us turn-by-turn directions, shows us where to stop to charge, and estimates how long the charging will take. Pretty neat, huh?


  2. Seems like you two are on your way. Very adventurous! We look forward to seeing you in Fort Myers-Love and hugs


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