We left as early as we could.  We’ve traveled together enough to know the rhythm of the days, but this time we’d be stopping to charge instead of for gas.  We weren’t sure how far we’d be able to go in a day.  After the last month of busyness, we were glad to get on the road.  We turned on Willie Nelson singing “On the Road Again” and sang along with gusto.

Our first stop was in Springfield.  We had oatmeal at the Denny’s while we waited for the car to charge.Springfield.jpg

It was a day of intermittent rain, with clouds crowding into the creases of the mountains.  One problem with traveling by interstate is that the good places to stop and the good places for pictures don’t coincide.

Oregon Rain.JPG

Our next stop was in Grants Pass for a late lunch about 2 pm.  One problem with these charge stations is that sometimes gas-consuming cars park where they shouldn’t.  (Notice the car on the left, parked in the fourth Tesla slot.)

Grants Pass.JPG

Siskiyou Pass was beautiful, dry, and above freezing — no problem.  Mt. Shasta is hiding behind the clouds.  We stopped in the town of Mt. Shasta late in the afternoon.

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