We are starting to relax, but it’s going to take another day or two.  Yesterday was just work.  Today was easier, but it was a long day with much more traffic than I had expected, especially on I-5 through the sparsely-populated portion of the central valley south of Sacramento.  I remarked on it when checking in this evening.  The clerk said yes, it was probably because of Easter, but it is also the end of spring break.  No wonder.


We met a father and son at a supercharger.  They had just picked up their new Tesla in Vancouver BC and were on their way to Fremont CA to tour the factory.  Then they will drive it to their home in Quebec.  What an adventure for them!

The weather is beautiful here.  I’m sitting on the patio in my shirtsleeves typing this.

Harris Ranch.jpg

Sunday, March 27, 2016

2 thoughts on “California

  1. Hello, Kate & Andrea…
    I’m following your travels with interest. Will you visit the Tesla factory on this trip? Is it a bit scary wondering about charging stations? I assume the charging stations require $$$ to use them. How much & how is that calculated? Do costs vary from charging station to charging station? Is there a website that lists charging stations? How many miles, max, on a charge? This is obviously a revolutionary way to travel to me. Will read about your journey with much interest!
    Cousin Shirley A.


    1. Hi Shirley,
      We didn’t stop at the factory this trip. There is a website with the superchargers, plus the car’s navigation system knows where they are. They’re free. (Probably the cost is rolled into the cost of the car, or they get nearby businesses to pay for the electricity because we go in and have lunch or coffee while we’re waiting — I don’t know.) Depending on conditions, we can go about 250 miles before needing a charge.


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