Southern California

We left early, eager to get on the road.  We stopped about 8:30 for breakfast at our first charging station.  Other than the fields, and including some of the fields, this portion of California is very dry.

We headed east at last, happy to leave the interstate.  We drove on two-lane roads between orchards and fields and then past Bakersfield.


Are these almonds?  Almonds Maybe.jpg

We swept up to Tehachapi.  It’s a good motorcycle road, with good pavement and fast curves, wide enough to fly past lumbering vehicles.  It’s a good Tesla road, too — the car is a strong climber and hugs the road through the curves.

The mapping program skipped the charging stop in Mojave, a first skip on this trip.  We pulled into Barstow at lunch time, where we refueled the three of us — Andrea and me and the car.

From there the strengthening wind pushed us across the Mojave Desert.  We arrived in Needles mid-afternoon, glad to have a shorter day.  Happy to relax a little.

Joshua Tree.jpg

We searched the town for a place for supper but settled on the place next to the motel.  This isn’t food-conscious Portland.

For the last couple of days I’ve felt inadequate with my lack of Spanish.  We’ve encountered so many people who can easily slide from one language to another.  My midwest roots are showing.

This evening the skies are darkened with ominous dust-bowl style clouds to the west.  Maybe tomorrow will be calmer.  We’re starting to feel like we’re on the road.

Monday, March 28, 2016

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