The thing about staying in a different motel every night is that we keep running into new ways of flummoxing us, particularly with our morning showers.  In Dallas I was convinced the shower didn’t work until accidentally bumping it in a way that made it go on.  This morning in Houston, I had no trouble with the shower valve but had to walk Andrea through the process before she got it.  If it is true that we grow new neurons by trying new things, Andrea and I must be growing neurons like crazy.

Yellow flowers at the swamp.jpg

Driving east from Houston to Baton Rouge, across all that low, flat land, I had to wonder how long will it be before all of that is under the Gulf waters.


We stopped at the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area to get off the highway for a bit and to look around.  It’s a very different world.  I’m sure there are beautiful parts of it — we got a hint of that — but we didn’t explore.

motorboat closer.jpg

My memory is that the interstate from the Texas/Louisiana border to Baton Rouge is fast and heavy and a bit wild.  This trip was much calmer, although relentless across the flat land.  The calmer traffic might be from the very heavy police presence along the route this time.

Baton Rouge, however, was VERY heavy and crazy, with people zipping in and out despite the thick traffic.  We were glad to get away from the city.  We’re in Hammond tonight.  We didn’t go into New Orleans — that visit will have to wait for another trip.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2 thoughts on “Louisiana

  1. Glad you made it thru the swamps of south Louisiana. I always dreaded the Atchafalaya stretch. It can also be foggy. You’ve probably remembered by now that “going east” means driving thru a tunnel of trees with not many opportunities to see the horizon. I MUCH prefer “going west” and being able to “see forever”. Take heart! You’ll soon be on the coasts. Ever been to Destin, Florida? Beautiful beach there. I wish you blue skies and charging stations where you need them!
    Cousin Shirley


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