Georgia Redux

Florida traffic patterns continued north into Georgia.  Lots of Ontario and Michigan and other northern cars heading out of Florida.

We hit hard rain a couple of times and misty rain several more.  It was cold (50s), or at least colder than we were ready for after the 80s of south Florida.

We made good time until we hit Atlanta.  Getting into Atlanta and through the center wasn’t too bad.  We left the charging station, just north of midtown, about 2.  I thought this would be before rush hour.  Nonetheless, it took more than two hours of stop-and-go driving to get the 57 miles north to our motel.  Perhaps lots of people leave work early on Fridays.  Or perhaps it is always a mess.

Still, it was good to get north of the Fall Line and see the terrain change, with dogwoods in the woods and the Appalachian Mountains in the distance ahead of us.

Friday, April 15, 2016


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