We came south from Laramie into Colorado and stopped for 24 hours to see my brother-in-law, Joe.  I’ve known him since he started dating my sister, about 60 years ago.  Through the years I have grown to love him.  We had a warm visit, full of talk and food.  We left late afternoon to stay in a motel by the airport so that we could set off east, away from the city in the morning without getting caught in the morning commuter traffic.  We were sorry to leave Joe but ready to begin the next leg of our trip.

When I think of Colorado, I think of mountains.  Or I think of the Front Range, with Denver and its endless suburbs.  But a third of the state consists of sparsely populated high plains.  As we headed east, the land was a mix of farms and ranches and open land — a blend of the west and the mid-west.

Sunrise was red with the wildfire smoke, but as we continued east the air gradually cleared.  We crossed the Kansas line under clear, blue skies, glad to get away from the smoke at last.

Tonight we are in Hays, Kansas, in the Central time zone.

One thought on “Colorado

  1. What a wonderful treat to have a visit from Kate and Andrea! They are an INSPIRING couple! Much like my sister, Suzi and her husband, Howard, they are engaged in life, in their community and church, and continue to think positive about the American future. They really lifted my spirits and I am deeply indebted to them for taking time out of their JOURNEY to visit me. Love dears, Joe


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