Wyoming, briefly

We didn’t stay long in Wyoming — we cut across the northeast corner: Sundance, Gillette, Sheridan, and into Montana.  It was only 208 miles (about the distance from Boston to New York).

We woke up early in Gillette and decided to get on the road, driving west as the sun rose behind us.  This is beautiful land in the dawn glow.  It is a big land, with outsized features.  The land is full of hills and ravines and grand sweeps of emptiness.  The road was empty except for a work truck here or there going off to the hinterland for a long day.

We stopped in Sheridan to charge the car and fuel us, too.  We had breakfast at the Silver Spur, a couple of blocks from the charger.  It was full of regulars, solving the world’s problems.  A tour group came in and took up three tables together, doubling the number of people there.  It was a friendly place, and the food was just what we wanted.  We were in Montana by 9 o’clock.

There is something about this land that pulls me at a very deep level.

3 thoughts on “Wyoming, briefly

  1. Dear Ones,
    Your comment about how the land ‘pulls you’ reminds of comments from Marty so very similar. I always credited her ‘love of the land’ (not just mountains, or plains or farmlands – whatever) as a learned appreciation from childhood trips and camping. I think she never liked the camping experience so much, but she did love the travel! That’s a beautiful opening picture – YOURS? Love, JOE


  2. What absolutely beautiful country! I love both Montana and Wyoming! Last October I crossed Wyoming twice on the way to and from the Denver area. Saw lots of Antelope and a very large herd of Camels, which was a surprise! The last time I was thru there, the now interstate was a 2 land US Hwy and it was snowing! Won’t be long and you will be back at RV…going to be 86 today and dropping to the 60’s tomorrow with rain in the forecast!! I’ve enjoyed following you two and I didn’t have to pack anything!!


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