Minneapolis and St. Paul

We are visiting friends in Minneapolis.  It has been a wonderful visit, and the weather couldn’t be better for this time of year.  

Capitol exterior

Today we went over to St Paul to see the newly-refurbished capitol building.  It is a beautiful building and they did a wonderful job restoring it.

Reason is...True Liberty...

I liked all the admonishments on the walls.  I wasn’t able to get a picture of the one I liked best.  It was above the door of the Supreme Court room, facing the judges: “Where the law ends tyranny begins.”  It seemed a fitting reminder in this time.


On the way back from the capitol, we stopped at the conservatory, where we all rode the carousel.  (It’s a nice one with horses four across.  We weren’t as fast as the kids, so we didn’t get to sit next to each other.)


But mostly we just reminisced and caught up.

Sun Room

3 thoughts on “Minneapolis and St. Paul

  1. What Fun your tripping is-we haven’t been in that area for many years. I love carosels so that would have been my choice as an event! Love, Z&H



  2. What a wonderful trip you are having!! I was in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area many years ago for a Papillon (dog) National Specialty! Great part of the country! Your pictures are terrific! Love the restored Capitol!


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