Southwest Minnesota

Minneapolis leaving

Today we headed west.  We still have a week before we get home, but it seems that no matter how far we go once we turn the corner to head back our thoughts turn to home and the people and activities there.  We had wonderful visits in Boise, Laramie, Loveland, Council Bluffs, St Paul, and Minneapolis; and we are looking forward to more visits in Rapid City and Walla Walla; but our route and our thoughts have turned to home.

Fall colors on highway

We drove diagonally southwest from Minneapolis, catching the Interstate at Sherburn, a tiny town on I-90.  It was yet another beautiful day as we crossed among the farms and through the towns of southwest Minnesota. 

Trimont water tower

It was nice to be off the Interstate for the morning, driving at a more leisurely pace than is possible on the interstates. 

Farm Road, gravel

It was a breezy day and the wind farms were busy.


Tonight we are in Sioux Falls, already in South Dakota.

One thought on “Southwest Minnesota

  1. It is hard to believe how great your weather has been! Thanks for the great pictures! I am always amazed at how small those wind farm blades look until you are up close! Be seeing you soon!


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