Across South Dakota

Last night we went to Falls Park to see the falls on the Sioux River that gave the city its name.  They were worth a visit.  We’d been through Sioux Falls a number of times, but this was the first time we’d gone to the falls.  Afterward we went into the old part of town and had a wonderful dinner at the Blarney Stone.

Political Signs

We’ve seen a lot of political signs.  In downtown Sioux Falls, there was even a loud rally supporting Dusty Johnson, a candidate for US Representative.  (South Dakota has only one member of the House.)  I get the feeling that there is a lot more interest in this election than is usual.

It was windy and in the 30s when we set off under near-cloudless skies, but it warmed up through the day.  We couldn’t ask for better weather this time of year.

Corn field

We sure grow a lot of corn in this country.  Many places the stalks are still standing, although we did pass a few places where men were cutting them down using huge machines.

Interstate 90

We zipped across South Dakota.  We skipped the Corn Palace and the Badlands and Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.  We didn’t even stop at Wall Drug.  We’ve seen them before and are heading home.  We also went by the George McGovern Museum and Laura Ingall’s house without stopping.  The 1880s Town was closed for the season, but we wouldn’t have stopped anyway.  But we did stop for lunch at a nice little local cafe in Murdo, population 452.

Murdo Street

The speed limit for most of the way was 80, and that’s what we did.  At one point we got stuck behind a stock truck.  It was empty of animals but still had what they tracked in as well as whatever they had deposited during their ride.  We could hear things hitting the windshield.  When we stopped, I could see tiny chips in the glass, but nothing too serious.  Just one of the hazards of driving in this part of the country.

Tonight we are in Rapid City and will have supper with yet another of Andrea’s cousins.  Tomorrow we will continue west into Wyoming and Montana rather than going up into the Black Hills to see Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Deadwood.  We’ll also miss the Reptile Gardens, Bear Country USA, and the myriad other tourist stops in the hills.  We love road trips, but I don’t know that we are good tourists.

2 thoughts on “Across South Dakota

  1. I love little towns for meals! We were mouthwatering for a good steak and the little restaurant didn’t have one on the menu, but when we told the owner/waitress that was what we were really hungry for she asked us to wait just a minute. She lived behind the restaurant and reappeared with 2 frozen Rib eyes! I don’t know how she did it but we had absolutely the best steak dinner complete with baked potato and salad. That steak was from her own freezer!

    I spent a couple of days in Rapid City for a Ukranian Catholic/Mexican Catholic wedding where they served Ukranian Redeye and Tequila shooters at the Reception!
    Potent stuff, if I say so myself! Thanks goodness for all of the food!!!

    Drove back to Belfield, ND from there and then I drove back to Seattle where I was living then.

    Power was out on the South Campus for 2 hours yesterday morning. Removed the pole by Apt 317 and went underground from the other side of Laurie Ave. to the new construction site where the English Meadow was!

    Keep ahead of the weather! It is supposed to rain here Tuesday afternoon last I heard!


  2. Have a wonderful time with my sista and her sweetie pie husband! Safe travels as you head westward too. We’re having Indian summer here so expect the same in OR. And yes the polls coming in show the blue wave is growing stronger day by day, thankfully.


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