We drove up out of the Salt Lake basin and into southern Idaho.  It was a lovely morning, cool and breezy.  This part of the road can be beautiful if the weather is good, which it was today.  This is a very open land with no trees and very few farms.  The green swept to the distant mountains.  I don’t remember when I’ve come this way and it was this green.  (I’ve usually travelled this road in the white of winter or the brown of summer.)

I84 into Idaho.JPG

As we dropped down to the Snake River Valley, the wind grew from the west, creating quite a headwind.  We charged the car as much as we could in Twin Falls.  The next leg would be 170 miles, and the headwind would use up the car’s charge quicker than otherwise.

Lava crack.jpg

All of southern Idaho appears to be resting on lava.  The basalt is visible in many places, and in some places there is little else.  It can be pretty, in a stark, grand way.

Canyon wall.jpg

We got off the highway just east of Boise, driving up into the hills to visit Andrea’s brother Paul and his wife Cindy.  The land had a variety of wild blooms, and every time I stepped out of the car to take a picture, the smells were wondrous.

Sage.jpgWhite flowers ID.jpgYellow flowers ID.jpg

It was wonderful to see Paul and Cindy and to see all they have done with their place in the country.  They now have two horses and two mules for trail rides, two cows, and two cats.  It seems they have a few different critters every time we see them at their home.

The visit was much too short, but we are eager to be home.  We’ll have to visit them at the beginning of a trip, when we have all the time in the world before us.

Tree on hilltop.jpg

We drove into Boise to charge, with 51 miles of range remaining — no problem.  We walked to a diner and had supper as the car refreshed itself.  Then we checked into the motel.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

One thought on “Idaho

  1. Glad you are nearing home base, Kate & Andrea. I’ll be interested in hearing the total miles traveled once you’re there. I find it amazing that there are so many charging stations and I’ve never noticed a single one! Was the Prius instrumental in getting them built? That’s the first electric car I tuned in to. Kate, I did not know your sister had passed away. Last news of them was of their move. Nice you could see your bro-in-law & Andreas’s brother. Be safe and enjoy the last day or two of your travels. Cousin Shirley


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