And Back to Oregon

We left Boise early under leaden skies that opened as we crossed into Oregon.  I love the area from Ontario to Baker — the grand sweep of the green, treeless hills down to the Snake River.  There was a strong headwind, creating whitecaps on the river as the wind combed the surface against its current.

The climb up over the Blue Mountains was beautiful.  Wildflowers graced the western slope as we dropped out of the mountains onto the plain.  We couldn’t stop for pictures, though, with the trucks rumbling down behind us.

Oregon tree.jpg

The next charge was at the Wild Horse Casino outside Pendleton.  As soon as we stepped into the revolving door we could smell the cigarette smoke.  I didn’t see anyone smoking, but the place reeked of it.  We sat in the hotel lobby, where the air was a little better, while the car charged.

Gorge.jpgBrown and green.jpg

The ride though the gorge was one of the most beautiful I remember.  There was clear air and bright sunlight, the hillsides gradually getting more green as we headed west.  There were kite-boarders (or whatever they are) enjoying the river and the wind.

Gorge with Tug cropped.jpg

We hit the Portland freeways just before rush hour.  The traffic increased, but we had to stop only a few times.  We swung by the post office to pick up our held mail before heading home.  This is our first spring in this home and this neighborhood.  It is really beautiful.

It is good to be home.

Monday, April 25, 2016

P.S.  Because we have been asked (and for the record): The trip was 31 days, and we drove 8,580 miles.

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